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Master thesis: Online measurements of dissolved methane in the Elbe and Weser Estuary

Research Division: Marine Geochemistry & In situ Ecology

Methane and carbon dioxide are prominent greenhouse gases. However, the contribution of natural methane sources to the global methane increase is not clear yet. Also, the role of estuaries as source or sink of greenhouse gases has to be verified. In case of extreme hydrological events (river flood or draught) the riverine import of these gases into the marine system is unclear. In our working groups, we address the distribution of methane in the Elbe and Weser Estuary and the North Sea.

In this master thesis, a new sensor system to measure online methane should be deployed at several short time cruises with our research vessel. In addition, these data shall be compared with modelled distribution of different water masses.


Additional skills and knowledge

Further Information
The place of employment will be Bremerhaven, 27570.

Work time: full time (39h)

Start: spring 2021

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